Year : 2023
Client : NP GROUP

Project Overview

Nutthaphume Equipment is an innovative electrical services company dedicated to providing top-notch solutions for modern electrical needs. With a focus on sustainable energy, the company offers a wide range of products and services, including the installation and maintenance of solar panels, EV chargers, and various electrical equipment.

Project Description : Nutthaphume Equipment

  1. Nutthaphume Equipment: Website Design and Development
    • Fullwidth Design: Emulating Tesla’s aesthetic, the website features a clean, full-width layout that highlights the company’s products and services.
    • Video Preview: High-definition video previews that provide an immersive experience for potential customers.
    • Mega Menu Design: An organized and comprehensive navigation menu that enhances the user experience.
    • Calculator System: A custom-built calculator to help users determine the optimal solar panel setup for their needs.
    • Autoplay Video on Landing Page: Strategically placed video content that plays automatically to engage visitors from the moment they land on the site.
    • Search System: Advanced search functionality that allows users to find information quickly and easily.
    • Intelligent Form: Smart forms designed to improve data collection and user interaction.
    • Data Sheets Download: Easily accessible downloads for detailed product information and specifications.


  2. Brand CI and Logo Design
    • Brand CI: Developed a new, cohesive brand identity that aligns with the company’s mission and vision.
    • Logo Design: Created a modern, distinctive logo that encapsulates the essence of Nutthaphume Equipment.

    Social Media Content

    • Curated and created compelling content for various social media platforms to boost brand presence and engagement.




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Work Processes
  1. Website Design and Development
  • Fullwidth Design: Inspired by Tesla’s modern and sleek design.
  • Video Preview: Incorporating high-quality video previews to showcase products and services.
  • Mega Menu Design: A user-friendly and intuitive navigation system.
  • Calculator System: An interactive tool for calculating solar panel efficiency and electrical usage.
  • Autoplay Video on Landing Page: Engaging video content that plays automatically to capture visitor attention.
  • Search System: A robust and efficient search feature to help users find what they need quickly.
  • Intelligent Form: Smart forms that streamline user interaction and data collection.
  • Data Sheets Download: Easy access to detailed product specifications and technical data.
  1. Brand CI (Corporate Identity)
  • Design New Brand Design: Crafting a modern and cohesive brand identity for Nutthaphume Equipment.
  • Create New Logo: Designing a new, impactful logo that represents the brand’s values and vision.
  1. Social Media Content
  • Developing engaging and informative content tailored to various social media platforms to increase brand visibility and engagement.

Service Types and Technology of Nutthaphume Equipment

Business Type Nutthaphume Equipment

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