At nConnect, we provide HelpDesk Service for service users who require assistance with service-related matters, at no additional cost, for a full 365 days.


No Need Programmer

No need to have a programmer constantly monitor your website


No Charge

There are no additional charges for the HelpDesk Service for the entire year


Support within 14 Days

We provide data updates or website modifications within 14 business days.

HelpDesk Features

HelpDesk service that provides assistance for a full year at no cost.


Update Information

We assist in updating your website data at no additional cost.

Internet Speed

Monitor Perfomance

We help in monthly website checks to improve website performance



We recommend inputting various data and website usage practices to maximize website efficiency


Analytics Report

We don't just create websites; every website is a part of the marketing effort, helping collect statistics and providing recommendations for further growth.


Zoom Service

We offer Zoom service for website usage guidance and efficiency, at no cost, for a full 365 days.


Chat Support

We provide guidance and assistance from our experts throughout 365 days

How to use HelpDesk

1.Booking Form

Fill in the details on the Booking Form page and submit the information.

2. Confirmation Email

Our staff will respond via email and provide an estimated completion date through email as well.

3. Confirmation Status

Our staff will confirm the modifications and update statuses via email or through our Line account @nconnect

The conditions for HelpDesk service are as follows

  1. การบริการ Helpdesk เป็นการบริการสำหรับลูกค้าที่ใช้บริการออกแบบเว็บไซต์และสร้างเว็บไซต์โดย nConnect เท่านั้น
  2. The HelpDesk service will be provided within the conditions of 365 days after the commencement of the Public Website and will be counted from the date of the Public Website launch.
  3. The HelpDesk service for data updates is subject to the condition that modifications will be made within 14 business days after receiving confirmation via email from our staff.
  4. The HelpDesk service for data updates will be provided under the condition of updating data, such as product updates or modifications to specific pages, within the scope of the task.
  5. NConnect reserves the right not to change or modify any text or content submitted to ensure accuracy
  6. The company reserves the right, in the case of providing HelpDesk service that extends beyond the specified conditions in certain instances, to notify you in advance before the delivery date.
  7. The counting of days for HelpDesk service will commence from the day the information is submitted and the first day of counting will be upon receiving the Email Confirmation
  8. The provision of HelpDesk service will count business days only, which are from Monday to Friday, with service not available on Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays, including national holidays.