E-Commerce Website Design

The power of e-commerce websites can help your business generate revenue more conveniently and reach a wider audience, whether they are business customers or general consumers.

With over 200 e-commerce projects under our belt, we can help your business create the best possible experience for your customers and increase your revenue.

ECommerce Website

Meets the needs of e-commerce businesses.

Automatic Product Syncs
When products are updated on the website, customers can now purchase them directly from social media.
This is a very effective way to increase sales for businesses. It allows customers to see new products quickly and easily on social media, and then purchase them directly without having to leave the social media platform. This can help businesses to increase their reach and reach new customers.

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Live Search System

Instant search system, which will make finding products on your website even easier than ever. By searching, there will be both wanting to show results immediately in the product search box. When typing a product name or related text with the search will be able to find the product immediately in the product search box

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Variable Product

Multi-configurable display system Whether it’s size, color, weight, etc. which can set price conditions in and options automatically

Mobile ECommerce

Responsive Design

Mobile First

Website design is not only good on desktop but also on mobile is very important.
which in the website system You can also choose Custom for specific devices, including computers, tablets, mobile phones.

Login in website

Add another level of convenience and another level of security with Social Media Login.

With a secure system that can separate the login to both the business side and the side of the customer or user Including links through Social Media including Facebook, Google, Apple, LINE, Amazon Login, etc.

Login via Social Media

Login more conveniently with Social Media Login.
Whether it’s Google and Facebook, as well as other Social Media can log in conveniently and safely. By linking via an API that requires login verification via social media source and confirmation back for login.

Not only Social Media, but also able to subscribe And can log in via Email with a security system by installing SSL for the website

แจ้งเตือนผ่าน LINE Appication

LINE Notification

Every transaction that takes place on your website There will be notifications via LINE Application, making it even more convenient. To receive notifications that do not need to log in to the website all the time which not only alerts the status of the order But you can also easily check the proof of money transfer and perform instant confirmation via the link in just a few clicks.

The product will be less or more, don't worry.

We design websites that meet the needs of businesses of all sizes, from those with a single product to those with thousands of products. Our designs are tailored to meet the specific needs of each business, including the needs of the business itself and the needs of the customers who visit the website. We also design our websites to be compatible with all devices, so that customers can easily access them from their computers, tablets, or smartphones.

Our website designs, both the front-end and the back-end, can handle from 1 item to tens of thousands of items. We also allow you to add more items without any restrictions.

loading Time for 1,000 Products

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Multi-Languages in System

Different languages can lead to a more diverse customer base.
We help your business connect with people all over the world, with a flexible language system and geolocation integration that automatically links the language based on the customer’s location.


Barcode / QR Code

Make it easier for offline businesses to benefit from online businesses with barcodes or QR codes for easy product scanning.

Simply click on the desired product and you can immediately scan the QR Code or Barcode that is pulled from the product code.

Coupon Code

Coupon Code

Coupon Code system that is easier to set conditions And can be used more conveniently by creating a special Coupon system that can be copied in the way you want to easily define

E-Commece Tech Support

NConnect provides E-Commerce website creation services for businesses or stores.

More than 200 projects we have worked on and develop ECommerce website

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