What is SEO

SEO FromSearch Engine Optimization

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of making a website more visible in search results (Google). When people search on google for terms related to a business, such as the business name, location, or products, the website is more likely to be found. This can help businesses attract more customers.

SEO can help customers or people interested in the topic find your website, images, or YouTube videos in search results. This is done by creating high-quality . Content, Relate, Product, Services and others to showing on Google Search

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SEO For ECommerce

Why SEO ?

Fifteen years ago, when we wanted to find information, we would often have to go to a library or other information source. If we wanted to buy something, we would usually be familiar with a store that advertised on television or radio, or through other offline marketing channels. This meant that information was not as widely available. Today, however, no matter what we are looking for, we are likely to think of searching for information through Google first. When we search for a term, if our business website appears in the top results, it is more likely that people will visit our website and have the opportunity to make a purchase. SEO can help your website rank in the top results of Google, increasing the likelihood of people visiting your website and making a purchase.

Search is the first thing everyone does when they want to find information or buy or use a service. Today, most people start their searches with Google or other search engines. If your website doesn't appear in search results, people won't find you.

No matter what type of advertising a business uses, if a customer is interested or has a need, they will likely search for that type of product on Google first.

SEO can help your business grow by driving more traffic and leads to your website. It can also help your business save money on advertising costs. In addition, SEO can help your business maintain its ranking in search results over time.

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What we Do for SEO

We Start from Checklist for SEO Stategy


Organic Search

Organic search is the process of finding information on the internet through search engines without paying for advertising.


Link Building

Create Hight Quality Backlink to Your Website


SEO Auditing

Perform SEO auditing and website analysis to improve website performance.



Access real-time online reports to check and review your performance and ranking on Google.



Creating a new sitemap structure to connect to Google and check for any issues. Additionally, implementing relevant keywords can improve search rankings.


SEM Connect

Not only should you implement SEO, but you should also link it with SEM (Search Engine Marketing) to improve the effectiveness of those keywords even further.


Monthly Report

At the end of each month, the results of website performance and monthly development in terms of SEO should be summarized for businesses to analyze for further information.


Business Support

Provide advice on updating content or types of data that are beneficial to SEO in a sustainable and effective way.

More Impression More Opportunity

Because More Impression will make trust to Business

More Awareness Must to More Clicks from Call To Action

Once you have a good ranking, you should make it even more effective with a call to action that will make your business's customers more interested and go to the page you want.

Technology for remarketing to boost sales.

When a customer enters the website system, their activity will be tracked and displayed to boost sales on their social media.


Long Term Advertising Spending



Google Analytics - We finess

Our Clients


The objectives of SEO and SEM are the same: to make websites more visible in search results for the keywords and terms that potential customers are searching for. The main difference is that SEO is a free, organic approach that focuses on optimizing a website’s content, structure, and design to improve its ranking in search results. SEM, on the other hand, is a paid approach that uses pay-per-click (PPC) ads to place websites at the top of search results for specific keywords. SEO takes longer to see results than SEM, but it can be more effective in the long run. Once a website is optimized for SEO, it can rank well in search results for relevant keywords without having to pay for ads. This can lead to increased website traffic, leads, and sales. SEM can be a quick way to get a website to the top of search results, but it can be expensive. Advertisers must bid on keywords and pay a certain amount each time someone clicks on their ad. This can be a good option for businesses that need to generate leads or sales quickly. Ultimately, the best approach for a business depends on its specific goals and budget. SEO is a good option for businesses that want to build a long-term online presence. SEM is a good option for businesses that need to generate leads or sales quickly.

SEM, or Search Engine Marketing, is a paid approach to increasing website visibility in search results. SEM campaigns use pay-per-click (PPC) ads to place websites at the top of search results for specific keywords. To create a SEM campaign, businesses first need to select the keywords they want to target. They then need to create an ad that will appear when someone searches for those keywords. The ad will typically include a headline, a description, and a call to action. Businesses then need to set a budget for their SEM campaign. They will only be charged when someone clicks on their ad. SEM can be a great way to quickly generate leads and sales. However, it is important to note that SEM can be expensive. Businesses should carefully consider their budget and goals before launching a SEM campaign.

To put it simply, SEO is free but takes longer, while SEM is paid but can be set up quickly by connecting a credit card. The cost of SEM will vary depending on the budget.

Every second, 63,000 people search Google. That’s 5.6 billion searches per day. By doing SEO, businesses can make it easier for people searching for relevant keywords to find them. Additionally, if businesses also buy SEM keywords, it can help to lower advertising costs or be used in other channels with a higher chance of success.

SEO takes at least 3 months to start seeing results, depending on the keyword, difficulty, and popularity. If the keyword is highly competitive, it will be even more difficult and take longer to rank well, as there will be more competition. The most important thing for businesses is to develop their websites to meet Google’s standards and improve their scores. This will help their websites rank higher in search results.

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Please fill out your information so that we can start working on a presentation plan for you to review. Our plan will help your business develop ideas for planning SEO for your current website.

Please fill out your information so that we can start working on a presentation plan for you to review. Our plan will help your business develop ideas for planning SEO for your current website.

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