Our Processes

Website design and development process

Before creating a website or developing a website We have various procedures for the best user experience.

start by doing

Review & Proposal

We collect problems or what will happen by collecting to find the pain point of the business.

and presents Painpoint and Solution for business

Step 2

Design Thinking

We start with design from concept and customer journey to use website to meet user experience (UXUI) by starting with roadmap and proceeding with design in Mockup and UX Chart format.

Step 3

Live Demo

After designing the website concept with leading software
After we create a Live Demo so that you can try playing like a real website. When the design is completed through the Domain of nConnect

Step 4

Deploy & UAT

After Draft 2, which is a Final Draft, it will be uploaded to the main website or domain or and tested and checked for errors after the move.

Step 5

Connect & Public

Connect your website with Social Media or other APIs and prepare to go public.