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NConnect Helpdesk Plus is a service that provides assistance in website updates, design, development, and maintenance. It’s an additional package for service users who wish to extend their existing nConnect Helpdesk Service.

Alternatively, it is available for other businesses that require nConnect Service, which comes with a team of web experts.

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“By reducing the need for a smaller or almost non-existent in-house programming team, this service can lead to cost savings for businesses. With nConnect Service Plus, it’s like having a dedicated web programmer who constantly updates and develops your website. Our team of web experts, with over 15 years of experience, is capable of meeting your business objectives effectively.”

Cost Saving

Programmer Staff / Month
Helpdesk + / Month

Data Support is a team with a background in marketing, which brings valuable insights into the conceptualization, design, and user experience of websites. Our marketing experience enables us to understand the marketing strategy, and our proficiency in connecting technology allows us to effectively measure marketing performance. With over 10 years of experience in website backend systems, we have a deep understanding of marketing strategy implementation. As marketing professionals, we prioritize aligning marketing strategies with business goals.

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nConnect Service Helpdesk Plus Compare

Services Plus / Pro Enterprise
Monitoring for Technical in website Yes Yes
Software Update Yes Yes
Tracking & Code Install Yes Yes
Malware & Virus Monitoring Yes Yes
Backup & Restore Yes Yes
Zoom Training 3 Times Unlimited
Face to Face Training 3 Hours 6 Hours
Redesign Page Yes Yes
Information & Promotion Update Yes Yes
Update Features in website (Current) Yes Yes
Social Media Connecting Service with API Yes Yes
Google APIs and Google Sheets API Yes Yes
Website Develop & ReFeatures - Yes
Google Analytics & Search Console Monitor - Yes
Audit & Suggest for Marketing on Website - Yes
SEO Strategy & Operation & Monthly report - Yes
Operation Time (Business Days) 7 - 14 Days 7 Days

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